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  1. Tek It Easy

From the recording Alexandria Love #Woke Ep

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Tek It Easy

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This particular track #4 'Tek It Easy" on the EP warns to take it easy with crime and violence. A message she holds close to her heart especially as it regards the spur of violence & abuse of women and children in our society.

Thanks to "Tek It Easy" Contributors:
Sheldon 'ATiiBA' Bernard - Flute & Synth Percussion
Janoy Ellis - Acoustic Guitar
Chad Wilson - Djembe
Jada Browne - Background Vocals

Produced & Arranged by: Sheldon 'ATiiBA' Bernard
Mixed by: Jallanzo


Tek It Easy - Easy With The Crime
Every Day We Hear Another Motherless Crying
Homeless Inna Di Middle A Di Street Dy-yi-yi-yi-ya-ying. (X2)

Verse 1:
What A Day When We All Can Unite, Building A Brighter Tomorrow.
Teach Your Children Just How To Survive, The Example You Want Them To Follow.
Never Neglect Them, We Have To Protect Them
Just Takes A Little Change Of Mind!
Stand Together Through This Stormy Weather, Our Future Will Be Fine!
Chorus X2

Verse 2:
Big Big Sound Inna The Place, An It A Swing Yeah - All Mi Know A Jus Bare Fist A Fling Yeah
Come Inna Dance An A Violence Yuh Bring
Now Police Have Him - Police Have Him Yes
Likkle Yutes, Jus Puddung Di Ting Dem
Enjoy A Likke Peace Of Mind!
Stand Together In This Stormy Weather, Our Future Will Be Fi-i-ine!
Chorus X2

Suh Mi See It - Suh Mi Sing It - Suh Mi Write
Man A Cut Throat Inna Di Middle A Di Night
An Den Yuh Run Inna Di Church A Week Time
An Di Wrong Man Get Fine - Wrong Man Do Time, yes
Mek A Decision An Stay Inna Di Right, There's Nothing Worst Than A Negative Mind
Stand Together, Through This Stormy Weather, Our Future Will Be Fi-i-ine!!

Chorus Out...