Alexandria Love presents Freddy Poncin LIVE on IG


"What Drives Freddy?" - Join me for an afternoon of reasoning and live music with featured Drummer/Percussionist, Mr. Freddy Poncin!! 'Steady Freddy' is a specialist Reggae Drummer in demand but also upcoming singers from the Netherlands, Suriname and Jamaica are now using his own riddims/compositions/productions. This weekend we will share his original works and learn more about his journey. To the man that laid some hot drums on my #Woke Ep - We salute you!!

Freddy has toured and worked with the following acts and artists:

"The Redemption Band - A great Reggae backing band formed by master bass player Bunn Riley - I just had the tremendous honour to perform with this band backing up Ky-mani Marley in Dubai and the Seychelles. " - Freddy Poncin

Other local & international names include: Culture ft Kenyatta Hill, Eek A Mouse, ETANA "The strong One", Warrior King, Ziggi Recado and the Force, Mitchell Brunings, Jampara Makangira and the Batalion, Rapha Pico, Censi Rock and the Collective Evolution Band

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